17 Top Affiliate Marketers That You Need To Learn From To Be Rich

Have you ever wondered who are the top affiliate marketers in the world? I did and that’s why I decided to write an article about the most influential affiliate marketers that you can find online. Many of them are very popular, hosting their own podcasts and YouTube channels. I hope it will help you to be better in affiliate marketing and other online business ideas that you might have. So if you are ready, let’s explore the top affiliate marketers that you need to learn from!

Franklin Hatchett

A well known YouTuber and blogger who made it big in affiliate marketing. He helps people to create an online businesses that will make them money for a long time, not just a short term. He helps with everything related to lead generation, affiliate marketing or even creating a Shopify online store. To this day he run multiple businesses that make him well over 7 figures per year.

However, his beginning was the same as many of us encounter. He was working a miserable 9-5 job that he hated. And once you hate something, you start to change. So he decided to create a micro niche websites that he would rank on google, but the pay was minimal. Then he tried affiliate marketing and dropshipping using the Shopify platform. Yet, nothing would perform well until he started to post videos about his business endeavour on YouTube. That’s when he realized the potential as the first video got over 300.000 views.

I personally took his Premium Course on Affiliate Marketing and can absolutely recommend it. If you want to know more about how affiliate marketing works definitely click on the button below to know more information.

Savage Affiliate Premium Program 

Michelle From Making Sense of Cents

Another popular affiliate marketer and founder of the well-known website MakingSenseOfCents.com is actually a woman named Michelle. She bout her house when she was just 20 and sold it few years later, when she decided to travel the world in an RV. She’s publishing an online income report that reveals that she now makes well over $100.000 a month. Would you like to get to that number too?

Make sure you check her online course about affiliate marketing which cost just $179 ( at the time of writing ). That is by far the lowest price I found for an amazing affiliate course that can help you multiply your blog or website revenue. She is a great online teacher and has an outstanding 5 * reviews all over the internet. Almost every new blogger should get her course about affiliate marketing. 

Learn More About Michelle

Neil Patel

An amazing entrepreneur that started multiple successful companies at a very young age. According to Forbes.com he is ranked as one of the best marketers in the world. He was recognized by President Obama as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30.

He is also one of the best affiliate marketers in the world and his blog contains thousands of articles about any topic you could think of. Beside affiliate marketing, he can help you rank your website # 1 on Google, give productivity tips, marketing hacks and much more. 

Learn More about Nial Patel 

Pat Flynn

Probably the most influential marketer in the world. He started his online business just after he was laid off from his regular job in 2008. He is a family guy in early 30 who now has 2 kids. His passion for passive income is outstanding. In the same year he quit his job, he started an online empire which is now called SmartPassiveIncome.com

On his website, he’s publishing an online income report so you can see for yourself what has worked for him and what did not. He has numerous blog posts on his website where you can learn anything about passive income. You can also take his online course where he goes into much more detail. 

Learn More about Pat Flynn

ODI Productions

A well-known YouTuber that is crushing the affiliate marketing. He dropped out of school in 2015 and was barely making any money. That’s when he learned the affiliate marketing and few years later everything changed. Now he own a few sport cars and a beautiful house in San Diego.

He promotes 3 online courses which are all focused on affiliate marketing. Beginners and advanced affiliate marketers can definitely take advantage of his programs. 

Learn More about ODI Productions

John Crestani

Another popular YouTuber and affiliate marketer who left his corporate job to become a full-time affiliate marketer. He has definitely succeeded and is now one of the most recognized experts in affiliate marketing. I love is motto which says that your job as an affiliate marketer is to do a better job of selling the product than the merchant itself – John Crestani

Learn More about John Crestani

Stefan James

He started just as a young kid, at the age of 17 he began his transforming journey that is now paying off and he’s helping millions of people all over the world to transform their life as well. He started a mega project called Project Life Mastery where he teaches everything from starting an online business, affiliate marketing and much more. He’s also an expert on health, fitness, mind, emotions, spirituality and so on. 

His childhood wasn’t as good as many would imagine now. He was extremely shy and unhappy with life. In just one day he would turn everything around. He made a decision to never settle for anything less than average. He developed his confidence by simply throwing himself into different social environments which pushed him to get better. He has experience in several online business models such as Kindle publishing, Amazon FBA, Shopify, Affiliate Marketing, coaching and consulting. 

Learn More about Project Life Mastery

John Chow 

Similar to the ones before John quickly found passion for affiliate marketing. Nowadays, he is considered as one of the most influential people in online world, especially affiliate marketing. He is ranked as number 1 on the Canadian Internet Marketing Blog. He’s proudly saying that he works just 2 hours a day while making more than $50.000 each month. His website JohnChow.com attracts hundred of thousands people all over the world. He also wrote a book about Making Money Online. You should definitely check his blog if you want to get better at affiliate marketing. 

Learn More about John Chow 

Alex & Lauren from Create and Go

Very interesting website where the founders Alex & Lauren are helping others to start their own websites and make money. Their blog income reveals that they made a whooping $130.000 in October 2019 alone. They’re on the mission to help thousands of new website creators to make a blogging their full time income. 

Learn More about Alex & Lauren

Jeremy Shoemaker

A well-known affiliate marketer who is famous for his picture holding a $132.000 check from google. And many are curious how he did that. He actually was unemployed when he started his affiliate empire. His story is very inspiring a I’d recommend you check his website for the full graphic of his life. He was fired from almost all regular jobs just to start several companies himself later. He now divides his time 50/50 to spend with family and work. He has more than 4.500 articles on his blog regarding creating websites and how affiliate marketing works. Check his website ShoeMoney.com to know more details.

Learn More about Jeremy

Darren Rowse

A well-known affiliate marketer who owns a website called ProBlogger.com where he teaches people how to create their first blog and then monetize it. The website has a whooping 8.000 articles and a huge community of 300.000+ bloggers. Darren is also an author and speaker. 

He started his journey very early back in 2002 when he would blog just about anything. That’s when he found his passion and later continued full time as a ProBlogger. He also has a podcast since 2010 and wrote a book. I’d recommend checking his website if you are serious about making money online. 

More about Darren

Jeff Lenney

A family guy and an affiliate marketing expert. On his personal blog he shares a valuable information that helped him in affiliate marketing and blogging as well. He also advises people of scams and online jobs that they should not do which is a rare to see as everyone else seems to care about money. You can easily contact him if you have any questions.

Learn More about Jeff 

Jeff Bullas

Another Jeff that is called a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent. He is listed among 50 most influencing online marketers to watch. He was also named as the world’s #1 business blogger. That’s pretty interesting portfolio to have.

He founded a well-known blog under his name JeffBullas.com which gets a whooping 25 million readers. I’d definitely recommend checking out his website and an interesting article about 21 Amazing Sites That Will Pay $100 Per Artcile.

Learn More about Jeff Bullas 

Adam Enfroy 

He is a founder of a website under his name AdamEnfroy.com where he publishes marketing advice for aspiring affiliate marketers. His blog journey didn’t start a long time ago compared to other mentioned bloggers and affiliate marketers on the list. He didn’t want to wait years for his blog to make money. So he outsourced a lot of it to other people and writing agencies and 3 months in he had over 500 backlinks. After 6 months from his website creation he was able to get over 3.000 backlinks while now making more than $25.000 a month. I’d say it’s definitely worth the read. It’s something most bloggers and affiliate marketers do not do. 

Learn More about Adam Enfroy

Kyle Taylor

He is the founder of one of the most successful websites ThePennyHoarder.com about finance and everything money related. He started the site in 2010 and now it has more then 12M readers every month with almost 7M Facebook subscribers. Kyle is helping people to save money in a ethical way. And even though he is not an affiliate marketer directly he’s using tactics that can relate to any affiliate strategy.

Learn More About Kyle

Tom from Online Media Masters

Even though his website is more about SEO he’s a humble guy that’s donating money to charities from his affiliate commissions. He writes mostly tutorials and tips to help people start their new website or rank on higher positions in Google search. Over millions of people have read his tutorials. He’s promoting a web-hosting company SiteGround ( which we use too ) as an affiliate marketer and it’s thankful for their support.

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