39 Clever Ways How To Use Affiliate Links Effectively

Have you ever wondered how to use affiliate links effectively? If so, I have written an extensive article just about that so make sure you read it till the end.

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Showcase the product in different ways

People love seeing the product in action before they buy. That could mean doing a popular unboxing, then unpacking the product and showing people step by step what the affiliate product is all about and how it could benefit them. 

One big advantage is that people are ready to buy at this stage. Think about it. They probably already seen the product before and now they are looking just for confirmation that the product is worth buying. In this case, the conversion rate is much higher than say with paid advertising. That means more money in your pocket. 

The blog post can be about pretty much anything, but let’s look at some examples below.

  • The Only Jeans You Can Wear all Year Round
  • Impressive Drone That Can Handle Any Weather
  • 5 Impressive Functions Stereo 257 Has

Affiliate website in action

Let’s look at some real life examples of affiliate product you can find online. 

Create a video about the affiliate product

Nowadays every marketer is using video to promote their product or service. Video is way more effective than post or blog articles. People can see the affiliate product in action and they are more biased to buy it. The conversion rate in video presentation is way higher than with any other method. There’s an unlimited choice of products you could promote with video. 

If you own the product making the video is easy. But even if you don’t, you can record your screen showcasting the product online. You can use software like Camtasia to record your screen and even yourself via the webcam. And if you don’t feel like doing the video yourself, you can find someone on platform like Fiverr, where you’ll get it done for a few dollars. Just put the affiliate link in the video description. 

Tell your own experience with the affiliate product

Once we own an affiliate product it is so easy to talk about it. One could go for hours explaining the pros and cons of each service or product. So help your readers do just that. Tell them why you use it, how is it helping you and why you think they should buy it too.

You can use the following headlines for the article:

  • 20 Reasons Why I Use Convertkit For Email Marketing
  • 5 Ways ClickFunnel Helped Me Make 100k in 1 Month 
  • 10 Tools That Make Me 50k Each Month
  • 8 Reasons Why I Switched To SiteGround
Let’s look at some real life examples 

Let’s look at some real life examples of affiliate product you can find online. 

Find an epic post and update it with affiliate links

You never know which post will hit it big. You might have thousands of people flocking to just one article on your website. And other ones would get just few views per month. It is necessary to update the post that’s bringing the most readers and place affiliate links so that you can reap the benefits of high traffic.

 It is hard to plan beforehand as you never know which article will skyrocket in google rankings. Link Google Search Console with your website and check the analytics about the search traffic. Here you can see what is your ratio of impressions vs clicks. That means how many people saw your article and clicked on it.

 Your goal is to get as high CTR  ( click thru rate ) as possible. If you see that people are not clicking on your link, it’s time to update the headline and probably the snippet too.

Create a detailed course explaining the affiliate product

Creating your own course about the affiliate product or service could bring you a very nice revenue. A lot of people are looking for help about the new product they want to buy or already bought. If you offer a free course in exchange of email address you could upsell other affiliate programs later, making it a great way to make money long term. 

As long as you help others they usually won’t mind buying affiliate product or service from you. You should also offer a free support for anyone who had bought something thru your affiliate links, so they know you can help them in case they run into some trouble. Your readers will be more biased to buy from you once you start offering a free support for a dedicated affiliate product or service. 

Create a list of people using the affiliate product effectively

Your readers are more biased to buy from your affiliate links if they see someone popular in the industry already using it. You can create a list article explaining what each person is using. Have them write down the reasons why they are using such affiliate product. Link back to their website and use your affiliate links to get some commission. Let’s look at some examples you could use as an article.

  • 5 Experts Recommend These Tools To Build a Profitable Website 
  • 11 Popular Bloggers Share Their Best Hotels in Thailand
  • 8 Tools Every Successful Blogger Need
  • 10 Best Tools That Will Help You With Keywords
Let’s look at some real life examples 

Compare to alternative with the affiliate product

Having another affiliate product or service compared to the original one will give you a better chance of getting a sale. Think about it, if you just promote one affiliate product and people won’t like it, they would click back and look for alternative. So why don’t give them more options? 

You could compare each affiliate product and describe who is it good for and why they should use one over the other. In this case it doesn’t matter which product they buy because you are promoting both of them with your affiliate links. Let’s look at some examples below. 

  • LeadPages vs ClickFunnel – Which one should you choose?
  • Mailchimp vs Convertkit – Which is better for email marketing?
  • 5 Better Alternatives To ClickFunnels
  • 8 Options That Are Better Than Convertkit

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I have found very nice looking example by WebsiteBuilderExpert.com where they compare numerous website builders in a nice presentable way, that makes the buying decision for readers way easier. 

Publish an article about Why I Switched

Once you build a solid audience they will be more and more interested in the programs and tools you use to have a successful business. In many cases you switch from one product to another for numerous reasons. So why don’t you describe the reasons in an article with title starting with – Why I switched … Let’s look at some examples below. 

  • Why I switched From Bluehost and Increased My Page Speed By 30 %
  • Why I switched to SiteGround To Have Faster Website
  • Why I switched from MailChimp To Convertkit and Made 10k First Month
Let’s look at some real life examples 

I found a great example by WomanWithMind.com where she explains why she switched from Bluehost to SiteGround. She goes into detail explaining the benefits of switching to SiteGround.

Include affiliate products in list post

List posts are great as they give you the option to put numerous affiliate links into one article. I always recommend linking to your resource page, rather than to each affiliate program, as that can put you on google radar for having too many affiliate links in one article. 

People love reading list posts and they are easy to write too. It’s like writing numerous mini articles in one. Just separate everything with headlines. They are even premium WordPress themes like Bimber that allow you to blend the affiliate links into the list.

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I found a great example by WorldTravelFamily.com where they published article about Best Laptop For Travel Blogging and in one article they’re describing the differences about different laptops that would be suitable for bloggers. No matter which one you choose they will get commission what so ever.

Build a review site

There are tons of review websites on the internet. Even Amazon can be considered as one. Reviewing products or services can be a great way to earn an affiliate commission. And in most cases, you don’t even need the product. 

Of course, having an affiliate product will make sure the review can go into as much detail as possible and people will trust you more once they know you already own the mentioned product. You can review pretty much anything – online courses, household products, programs, books, computers, clothes, hotels and much more. 

I’d recommend doing some research beforehand to know what affiliate products should you review. Check the competition and also the potential earnings you could make. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I found a great nice comparison website PickMyShaver.com which was sold for $80.000 while generating more than $8.000 per month. The website compares different kinds of shavers and the owner gets commission each time someone buys something via an affiliate link.

Showcase your affiliate earnings ( income report )

Nowadays a very popular option with many bloggers. It’s so simple, yet powerful. Publish an article on your affiliate website or blog with detailed income report and make sure you put affiliate links to mentioned affiliate products or services. 

Make a table or chart where you start with your most profitable affiliate product per month and then put the following ones in order. Your readers could see easily which product makes you the most money per month and are more likely to purchase the affiliate product based on your earnings. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I found a great example by raelyntan.com where she wrote about many different niche blogs and their income reports. By clicking on chosen website you see their income report with affiliate links making them living. 

Make affiliate deals ( like Black Friday )

Special deals and promotion can be a great way to get people to buy from your affiliate links. Many companies will even provide you with custom pricing which you can embed on your website. Everyone loves deals and if you are the one who has the best one, people will flock to your affiliate website to buy chosen product. 

Example can be a hosting company Bluehost which gives many special promotional rates to bloggers. Their rates start at just $2.75 per month, yet the official website of Bluehost has $3.99. Of course people would be more biased to buy thru the blogger. It saves them money! 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

A great example of getting special promotion just for the readers is SmartPassiveIncome.com where people get access to Bluehost deal for just $2.75 per month.

Ask for a promotional price from the affiliate company

Similar to previous post, I’d advise you to be in contact with your affiliates and try to get better deals for your readers. Great example is Patt Flyn from SmartPassiveIncome.com, where he even flew to company’s headquarter to make sure his readers are well taken care of. 

You don’t have to go to extremes and fly to another city or country, simply stay in contact with affiliate manager via email or skype and make sure the company is doing the best to help other people. Even though you can’t control how the company operate, you can always choose another one as your affiliate partner and promote them instead. A good company will do maximum for you as long as you can bring the sales. 

Make the affiliate product better by offering something extra

It’s so easy to just talk about how the product is great but you know what? Everyone is doing exactly the same thing. If you want to stand out you have to offer something extra. And you don’t have to go too far, such as creating a course.

A simple support via email or chat will make your affiliate sales skyrocket. Let your readers know that you stand 100% behind them and in case they need help, you are more than willing to help. You can embed a contact form on your page or simply disclose an email. Your readers will love the extra support even though the affiliate company should handle that. It will make you more unique among others who just care about making a sale.

Bundle affiliate products with your own

Have you created your own affiliate product and now thinking how could you up the sales? Well, what about creating a special bundle of your own one with related affiliate program. It can be a great upsell! 

If you’ve been lucky to build solid trust with your readers they might be biased to purchase the affiliate product as well. You can create a special discount if they buy both products together. As long as one product is your own, you can make any price changes as you wish. 

Write affiliate product tutorials

These are very common among bloggers, yet very powerful. Simply write a detailed affiliate product tutorial that helps people understand more about the product and how they can benefit from using it. The best option is to write step-by-step tutorials as these are easier to understand. 

People love tutorials! And if you can make it easy to understand and add a nice design you’ll be rewarded with affiliate commision for sure. Your readers can see if you have truly put work into the article and then are more likely to buy via the affiliate link. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

A great example I found is from StudentArtGuide.com where he explains how web hosting by SiteGround works. The tutorial goes into every detail and once you signup for SiteGround plan he gets an affiliate commision.

Create a resource page

One of the easiest and best things you can do is to create a resource page. It means your readers could easily find the products or tools you personally use and recommend. 

If you have built strong relationship with your readers they will be more likely to visit your resource page and click on the affiliate links which will bring you a steady income. As you can see, building trust with people is the most important thing in affiliate marketing. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I’m going to use Patt Flynn website SmartPassiveIncome.com again as his resource page has very nice design and he also explains why people should use chosen product or service. 

Get expert advice on the affiliate product or service

Having someone else in the industry recommending affiliate products can be a great way to boost your income. The more authority the person has the better. Put their quotes on your website and add an affiliate link. People are more biased to buy from people that are already known in the industry. 

The more visual you get the better

People love visuals! Photos, videos and presentations could be a great way to boost your income. Your readers could see the product from a different perspective making them more biased to buy it. There’s really no limitation of what kind of visuals could you create. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I’m going to use WebsiteBuilderExpert.com again as they have an amazing design. It’s something that is hard to see nowadays making it even more special.

Write helpful reviews about the affiliate product 

There’s nothing more easy than creating reviews about the product you’re promoting. You see many people writing reviews online and as always, the more you help others the more likely are people to buy via your affiliate links. Try to be honest and don’t just write fake reviews in order to make some money. Even if you say you don’t recommend the affiliate product, the trust you build with your audience is priceless. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I’m going to use great example by MatthewWoodward.co.uk where he writes helpful review of WordPress plugin WP Rocket and how it helped him with page speed.

Compare the affiliate product with relevant ones

Comparing two or more affiliate products can be another great way to boost your revenue. You can do it the regular way as a blog post or better, you could use plugin such as WP Review which allows you to create a comparison table with affiliate products.

 Your readers could easily see which product is the best making you sale either way. Just don’t forget to put affiliate links to all the mentioned products so you can reap the benefits. Also creating a nice Pros and Cons section would definitely help. I highly recommend the plugin WP Review which can help you tremendously with that. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

Again, let’s look at article by WebsiteBuilderExpert.com where he compares a different website builders in a very nice way and design. People can easily see the pros and cons of each builder.

Share your personal story with the product

Chances are you personally use the same affiliate products as you are promoting. Take advantage of that and tell people how those tools helped you and how it could benefit them. Say why you use it, how is it helping you every day and even how much money you generate thanks to the mentioned product. People love seeing personal stories and experiences!

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I’m going to use MatthewWoodward.co.uk example again. On his resource page every time he mentions something he tells why he uses the chosen affiliate product. 

Add good old banners to your affiliate website

Sometimes all you have to do is set up simple banners across your website. Make sure to not over do it. I’d recommend 3 banners per page or post. Depending on length you could be adding banners to longer articles. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

There are many websites using banners effectively. I mention that once you have a website you should use premium ad networks like AdThrive or MediaVine. Do not use Google Adsence as it won’t make you much money and the design is not perfect.

Use tools provided by affiliate program

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything. Simply use the tools that are provided with an affiliate program. In many cases you’ll be in touch with dedicated affiliate manager who can help you set things up and give advice how could you better manage affiliate links for better conversion. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

Use special theme to promote affiliate products

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website is probably the most important thing you have to do in the beginning. The theme will affect the page speed, SEO, design and many more features that are necessary to succeed in affiliate marketing. 

Even though there are many WordPress themes for free I’d recommend investing few dollars into the premium one. It can really help you with SEO, page optimization and also better conversion. You can choose from many themes that are dedicated to promoting affiliate products. I recommend two –  ____ – You can find other themes on Envato Market or use dedicated themes for WordPress. 

Create an affiliate store

Running an ecommerce business doesn’t have to be easy. You’d need upfront investment and dedicate a lot of time to your online business. However, creating an affiliate store might be a better idea.

 You don’t need any investment beside a website which you could get for just $2.75 per month. Cheap right? Then create content around the products that you want to promote and boom. You got yourself a business! I’d recommend starting with just 1 affiliate product and building detailed content around it. And if you want to up the game start learning about FBA, which means you are selling products on Amazon. 

End each article with affiliate recommendation

I’d say this strategy is could up your game a lot. I haven’t seen many people doing it, yet it can bring significant revenue for your affiliate website. Simply place a short paragraph at the end of each article, before comments, explaining others what tools you’re using and why. Don’t make it too long and link to your resource page.

Let’s look at some real life examples 

A great example in this case is NomadicMatt.com where he uses just that effectively. He recommends certain affiliate products or services with explanation why should one use them. 

Email marketing works great with affiliate products

Money’s in the list – that’s the saying you should know by now. It means promoting affiliate products thru your email list could be very beneficial. First, you need to collect email addresses. If you run your website on WordPress I recommend Thrive Leads. It will help you collect emails from your readers. Offer an incentive so people are more likely to fill in their email. Create a free ebook, detailed tutorial, checklist or anything that your readers would find valuable. 

Email signature

Similar to previous part. Adding an affiliate link to your email signature could boost your affiliate earnings to a new heights. The bigger your email list the better. People usually read everything, even if it is at the bottom of an email.

Offer a bonus with the affiliate product

Providing something extra if the person buys thru your affiliate link could skyrocket your earning potential. People love bonuses. Sometimes they don’t even care about the product itself, they just want the bonus. 

You could make a product yourself and then offer it as a bonus. I’ve also seen people offering their time for consultation, which can be a great way to get people to buy from you. They get that 1 on 1 experience which adds more value than just some blog post. You can also find many products for free without a license, so you wouldn’t have to create one yourself. 

Also creating a private Facebook group just for people that buy thru your affiliate link can be a great way to get people to purchase via your link.

Create webinars to promote the affiliate product

Thanks to dedicated platforms, creating webinars has never been easier. You could talk about the product and say how did it help you and how much money did it help you make. You can get more personal during webinars which means people are more likely to buy from you. 

Coupon codes are great to increase sale

Many companies are offering special coupons so affiliates could get more sales. Take advantage of that and give your readers as many discounts as possible. Always try to ask an affiliate manager about other promotions and so on. These are great as you are saving your readers money. They will love you for it! 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I’m going to use NomadicMatt.com again as he has great example of that. He offers $35 off to people who get an AirBnb stay thru his affiliate link. 

Get interview from the person having the affiliate product

Having the person who created the affiliate product talk about it could get people more excited to buy it. They see that both of you are genuine and it’ll put them at ease while making the decision to buy, especially a high-ticket sale. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

I found an example by JeffLenney.com where he promotes high-ticket affiliate course and makes an interview with the person who created the product. 

Use instagram to promote the affiliate links

Instagram could be a great way to promote your affiliate links. Depending on your niche you could create nice photos and videos around the product you promoting. Just don’t forget to disclose the affiliate links. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

Use facebook page and group to promote the product

Similar to Instagram, promoting on Facebook is another way to use your affiliate links effectively. I’d say it’s not the perfect choice to make, no matter what niche you’re in. On the other hand, facebook groups would be far more beneficial. As long as you are providing value you can use your affiliate links in another group or better, create your own facebook group and start promoting affiliate links. 

Let’s look at some real life examples 

Use paid advertising the smart way

Paying for advertising may suck and in most cases it is not even allowed, especially on social media. However, there’s one way that could bring you a ton of traffic and revenue down the line. 

And the simple trick is to offer something for free in exchange of people’s email. That could a cheat sheet, ebook. course or pretty much anything that you can offer. The more effort you put into the product the more likely are people to buy something later via your affiliate link. 

Simply put the subscribers on the email list and send them numerous emails, where you put value and also link to your affiliate links. It is great to kind of heat people up, meaning the first few emails should just provide as much value as possible without no affiliate links. 

After people get accustomed to you and you have built trust with them, only then should you use affiliate links in your emails. People will be more prone to buy from you if you provide value first. 

Promote affiliate products on your podcast

Podcast could be great way to mention your favorite products and send people to specific site that contains the affiliate links. For that I recommend WordPress plugins like Pretty Links or Thrive Affiliate which can change the long, ugly link into a nice and customized one. You could also mention affiliate products in your release notes. 

Network and promote

Similar to podcasting you could just tell people about the affiliate products you recommend. Again, use plugins like Pretty Links or Thrive Affiliate to make them shorter and more memorable. However, providing value to others should always be your number one priority. 

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