14 Clever Ways How To Promote Your Affiliate Website

Have you ever wondered how to promote your affiliate website? You’re not alone. There are many people looking for this answer every single day. So I decided to write an article about the ways you can do to promote your affiliate website.

How to promote your affiliate website? Some of the best ways to promote your affiliate website are with SEO, email marketing, forums, blogs, YouTube, social media and even networking.

Start with SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is one of the most important things to know if you want to bring people to your website for free. And how do you do that? The simple answer would be – provide value first! Let’s look more into that below.

There are over billion people all over the world that use google and searching for something every single day. If your website is in a high position and your content valuable to the reader, you’re setting up yourself for a big success. It’s the most effective way to bring people to your website without spending any money. Yet, the path to success might not be easy. A lot of competition is making it harder to rank higher. 

So what should you do if you want to promote a brand new website? Let’s look into more detail!

Make your website fast

 I think a lot of new website owners underestimate speed of their site. They focus on nice design, animations, embedding YouTube videos and other things, which in the end are causing the website to slowdown tremendously. 

There’s nothing worse than people clicking away because the site just took too long to load. I’m guilty of this myself. If there’s website that’s taking few seconds too load and I just see blank screen I just go back and never return to that site. 

Use SEO plugins

There’s more to search engine optimization than regular bloggers could understand. That’s why professional developers created numerous SEO plugins that can help you win the race for the highest position in search results. The most popular ones are Yoast SEO and RankMath.

Quality content always wins

There are more than billion websites on the internet and persuade someone to click on your article and website is no easy task. 

If your website is brand new, you should focus on long tail keywords. Those have lower competition, yet people are still searching these terms. The optimal word count for these articles is around 1200 to 1500 words. And the best way to make them is create a list and basically write numerous small posts in one article, when each headline is devoted to certain topic. 

Now it’s time to write articles that will challenge you and the competition might be fierce. You should always check what’s already in the search results and then choose specific keyword and start writing. A study was done by Backlingo that the optimal word count for ranking is around 1900 words per article. I personally took valuable course by Rick and Steve from Income School where they go into as much detail as possible on how to rank websites higher without any specific tool. I found tremendous value in the course and would only recommend it to everyone who wants to up their SEO game.

Use specific forums

Forums can be a great way to promote your affiliate website. Just make sure you provide enough value first and don’t just spam your link everywhere. Finding the right forum in your niche is also very important. You don’t want to write on travel forum if you are in the fitness niche. 

One of the most popular forums is Quora. It is a place where everyone goes if they need an anwear for something. It could be a great source of traffic as long as you provide enough value. You should write as much detailed post and just have 1 or 2 links to your affiliate website. And if you are too lazy to write just hire someone to do that for you on platform like Fiverr or iWriter.

Comment on blogs

Commenting on other’s people blogs can be a great way to bring traffic to your affiliate website. Just make sure it is in your niche and don’t spam. The rules are pretty similar to forums. You should put just 1 link to the post or better, put the website link in the designated area next to your name. If people find your content valuable they will check your website for more details. Try to write the comment with as much detail as possible.  

Start YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel is another great way to promote your affiliate website. Just make sure to not over do it. YouTube wants to keep people on the platform as long as possible so they can make money. If you redirect your viewers to your website frequently your videos might stop showing to others. You should put a link to your affiliate website down to the description and only promoting it at the end of the long video as watch time is important to get more views on YouTube. 

Comment on YouTube Videos

Similar to blogs and forums, you should comment on YouTube videos as much as possible. You’ll bring awarness to your name and people will check your channel or website. YouTube will also promote your videos more if you comment on other’s videos too. So make sure to praise other YouTube creators. 

Guest blogging

One of the best things to do if you want to promote your affiliate website is to publish posts on websites that have better ranking than you. You can simply contact the website owner and ask them if you could write a guest post. In many cases they say yes. But don’t be surprised if they say no, it might happen. Write as detailed posts as possible. The blog is probably bringing more views each month than your affiliate website so you should put your A game on. Make sure you put few links back to your website into the article. You could also put some affiliate links there if permitted by the website owner.

Use social media

Another great way to promote your affiliate website is thru social media. And the best way to start is joining appropriate facebook groups. These are great as people inside the group are interested in the topic. Simply provide value to others and just bluntly mention your website at the end. It’s easier for people to start following you right on facebook. 

Using Instagram might be another clever way to bring traffic to your affiliate website. Simply make amazing photos or videos that you post frequently and in the description mention your website. If people find your content interesting they will definitely check the website too. Sometimes you don’t have to use your own photos and videos. Simply use Instagram tools and repost popular posts from others. Don’t forget to tag them as a thank you. 

Pinterest is also popular platform which can help you bring traffic to your affiliate website. 

E-mail list

If you already have an email list it can help you tremendously to promote your site. Simly send email saying that you created a new website a put the link inside. If you have a solid audience they will definitely check the affiliate website. 

Write and publish e-book

Publishing your own book has never been easier. Thanks to Amazon and other platforms you can publish your own ebook in a matter of days making it visible for millions of people. Simply mention your website in the book and people will be curious to check it.


Many people underestimate networking, yet it can be very powerful. The personal connection is making every interaction stronger and your chance of getting help with whatever you need increases. Don’t forget to add value first then mention your affiliate website.

As the last option is the well known and dreaded paid adertising. Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on ads. But if you can, you can promote your website with facebook ads and other platforms. It might not be the perfect solution but the results are immidiete.

However, I recommend mastering SEO first before paying for ads. Free traffic is best as it can boost conversion and your profit. People are more likely to buy something if the are searching for it online.


Promoting an affiliate website is nothing hard but it takes dedication and patience. Always remember to add value first and try to help others as much as possible. They will be more than grateful and willing to help you in return.

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